Leads Outing Checklist ✔️


Here's what you need to do for a successful FreeIC outing.

A week before 😬

  • Confirm with FreeIC Team that the outing will be happening. You can do this over email or text message.

  • Request signs and cards from FreeIC team.

  • Invite friends, family, and colleagues to the upcoming FreeIC outing. Be sure to have them RSVP.

Two days before outing ✌️

  • Check the weather forecast for the day of the outing.
    **If there’s any weather that would disrupt the outing, cancel the outing. If not, proceed as planned.

  • Check the number of Conversationalist (attendees) scheduled to join. We recommend that if there are less than 4 Conversationalist RSVP'd to cancel the event. Ultimately the call is up to you! 

  • Make sure that everyone has RSVP’d

  • Make sure you have enough signs and cards for everyone attending.

Day of Outing 🙌

Pre Outing 💡

  • Leave your house with signs and cards, and be sure that your cellphone has enough battery to last the day.

  • Arrive at designated meeting location AT LEAST 15 minutes early.

  • When you arrive, hold up a Free Intelligent Conversation sign to help attendees find you.

When People Start Arriving 🕺💃

  • Introduce yourself to everyone. Be friendly and welcoming.

  • Encourage attendees to introduce themselves to each other.

  • Have attendees check-in at https://checkin.freeic.org using their mobile device. Give signs and cards only to those who have successfully checked in. Have attendees show the the confirmation page for check-in. Remind them that they can use the cards as an ice-breaker for conversations

    • If attendees don't have access to internet, ask other attendees who've successfully checked-in if others can use their device to check-in.

    • Your Outing ID will be the nearest airport abbreviation, a hyphen, and the number of the outing you’re leading.

      • For example, if you were leading your second outing in San Francisco the outing ID would be SFO-2

  • Make sure everyone is ready to start FreeIC-ing. Remind people that they can team up if it makes them more comfortable. If anyone has any questions about how to FreeIC, you can briefly explain or direct them to the links below:

  • Remind everyone to ask if they can take a photo of each person/group they speak with while holding up a sign. Let participants know that these photos will be collected at the end of the outing.

  • Take a group photo (each person should hold up a sign).

  • Remind everyone to meet back where you first gathered, at the designated end time.

  • Spread out and start FreeIC-ing.

Post Outing 😌

  • Collect the signs and any leftover cards.

  • Have attendees send you their photos from the outing.

  • Encourage everyone to share stories, testimonials, and feedback with each other as a group.

    • Sometimes we do this over a meal at a local restaurant/fast-food chain. This is up to you and the attendees. Ask if they’d prefer to share now or to go out and eat.

  • Encourage attendees to join future events. Let them know about your cities FreeIC Facebook Group. Also share that they can sign up to get notifications about future outings at https://freeic.org/join

  • Thank everyone for coming out. 

Later that day 👨‍💻👩‍💻

  • Put collected photos from outing in a folder labeled: yyyy-mm-dd (First 3 letters of city). These photos will be posted to our gallery and Facebook page.

    • For example, if your outing was on June 3, 2017 in Chicago your folder should be named: 2017-06-03 CHI

  • Send folder to FreeIC Team at contact@freeic.org. (Preferably over Google Drive.)

  • Optional: Record a reaction video. Feel free to talk about any notable moments and/or stories from the day. When done recording, label video yyyy-mm-dd (First 3 letters in city) and send video to contact@freeic.org. Your video will be posted to our Facebook page.

Boom. You’re done. Congrats on a successful outing! 🎉