• Opry Mills (map)
  • 433 Opry Mills Drive
  • Nashville, TN, 37214
  • United States


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. We cannot host at Opry Mills or even Green Hills after finding out and calling another mall. Due to the drastic change in weather this weekend, an outdoor venue is not appropriate or fair to put you guys through! Thank you for your desire to help, We’ll keep you posted on our next event! ❤️

We hold up signs in cities and get strangers to talk to us. We learn things we never would’ve learned from people we never would’ve met. We talk about anything and everything, just for fun. Come join us!

To get started we’ll meet at Starbucks in the Food Court (Entry 4) at Opry Mills. Before spreading out to start conversations, we like to take a group photo, so be on time. We'll be out there for about 2 hours. Sometimes at the end of the day, we like to get together to eat and share stories/conversations from the day.

What you'll need to do:

Keep up with us on Twitter for any last minute changes.

Have any questions? Hit us up on Slack or shoot us an email.
We'll see you then!