We’ve partnered with OpenMind to help you build your conversations capabilities. OpenMind is a free online interactive platform designed to help prepare you with the knowledge and skills that will help you make the most of your conversations. 

OpenMind will guide you through 5 Steps that will equip you with the cognitive tools to constructively engage those who are different than you. 

OpenMind equips people with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the perspectives of others

  • Speak constructively across differences

  • Reach mutual understanding

  • Learn and grow from challenging conversations

  • Reduce hostility and distrust

  • Cultivate civic virtues

After completing OpenMind's online program, you'll be more than ready to start conversations with strangers at a FreeIC outing! 🙌

How to use OpenMind

  1. Go to the following link to access OpenMind: https://openmindplatform.org/app-user

  2. Create a username and password with GuidedTrack. This will enable you to save your progress and log in from different devices.

  3. After creating your username and password, you will be prompted to enter an access code. Enter: FreeIC2019 (case sensitive).

Please note: OpenMind is divided into 5 interactive steps, each of which takes 10-25 minutes to complete.