Free Intelligent Conversation has been used for several use cases.

Read about some of them below 👇

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Meet New People 👯

Many have used FreeIC as a tool to help them meet new people in their city. 

"New to the city of Chicago, I was looking for ways to connect with people when I happened to come across FreeIC...So one fine Saturday afternoon I took a deep breath & thought I'd give it a go...It ended up being one of the most MEMORABLE evenings of my life...By the end of that session it opened my eyes and gave me an in depth outlook to the fact that just a mere conversation can be so powerful...In closing I’ll say If there’s anything on your bucket list, it should be to try FreeIC at least once."

Chanpreet Aulakh, Chicago, IL

Company engagement 🤝

IGS Energy's Chicago branch was looking for a thoughtful way to engage their employees with the local community for their Community Service Day. They decided that FreeIC was a perfect way to do so.


"As a company that values making a positive impact on our community, partnering with Free Intelligent Conversation was a fantastic opportunity. IGS Energy has always made a concerted effort to find new ways to contribute, and FreeIC provided a unique way of connecting with the people in our local community. In a time when it seems our society can be so divided, it was great to get a chance to promote empathy and understanding. I believe that breaking down social barriers and encouraging a culture of dialogue between people with differing perspectives allows for not just a better work place, but a better world to live in. The more this message can be spread, the better the world will be. It was a privilege to get an opportunity to be a part of the process."

—Tyler Yasa, IGS Market Manager



Conquer Social Anxiety 👊

FreeIC has been used to help individuals conquer their social anxiety. 

"I truly believe that FreeIC is an activity that everyone should experience at least once. Before I started participating in FreeIC in Chicago, the idea of speaking with new people always filled me with a certain level of anxiety. After all, I have always been an introverted person who is more inclined to listen than to actually speak my mind out loud. Thus, when I was first presented with the idea of FreeIC, I was quite skeptical; however, since my first street conversation, I have come to discover that the FreeIC experience has proven to be invaluable to both my life and my social self-development.

Each FreeIC excursion has truly been a beautifully abnormal experience. And as amazing as these experiences have been so far, what’s even more amazing is that after each conversation, I have found my anxiety, about meeting new people, to be reduced and replaced with a growing level of enthusiasm, confidence, and anticipation."

—Clifford Allen, Chicago, IL

Learn from People 🤓

People have used FreeIC to learn from people in meaningful ways.

"Every single time I was left amazed at how interesting people are and how much there is to learn from just talking to them — especially people I would probably not have interacted with otherwise. From my experience, Free IC is most definitely for everyone."

Jerome Murray, Orlando, FL